How it Works

Apply. Shop. Close.

Compare lenders and save thousands of dollars.

We submit your real estate loan application to the nation’s top lenders to get you the best terms and lowest rate. Unlike banks, who can only offer you their own loans, we shop multiple mortgage lenders and offer you better loan options.

A Simple, Streamlined Process

1. Get Qualified

Apply online now to know how much you qualify for before applying for a mortgage.


2. Get Approved

Complete our simple online application and get your mortgage approval quickly.

3. Choose Lender

Lenders compete, you compare mortgage rates, terms and choose the best product.

4. Close Loan

Once all the conditions are met, you receive a clear to close and closing can occur.

Compare & Save

Lenders compete for your business and as a result you get a low rate mortgage. Get the right home loan from the right bank, faster.